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Our History

In 1933 our forefather, the Late Kuah Chong Boon (“柯重本”), realizing that there was a growing demand for metals, single-handedly started trading and retailing metals from a premises located at 372 Victoria Street, Singapore.  After 3 years in the business, in 1936, the enterprising Kuah Chong Boon who foresee the future potential of the metal trading business in South East Asia, together with some friends and associates, set up a partnership in the name and style of “Chop Teck Leong” (“德隆”) to trade in, buy, sell and supply ferrous and non-ferrous metals at the same trading premises located at 372 Victoria Street, Singapore.  At that time, it was rare to find a business that was dedicated to the trading of metals.  Chop Teck Leong was therefore recognized as the Pioneer in this industry.  As time went by, Chop Teck Leong grew in stature and became a prominent supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Three generations of his descendants have succeeded him in this trade and developed the business to trade in greater range of products and services and to support broader spectrum of industries.  

The Present

Over a span of more than 80 years in the hardware and metals industry and after tremendous effort, the Kuah family now owns and manages the following companies:

  • Teck Leong Industries Pte Ltd primarily serves the Marine & Offshore Industry, Ship Building Industry, Construction Industry and Oil & Gas sector
  • Ban Soon Cheong Pte Ltd spearheads the Manufacturing, Electronic & Precision Engineering sectors.  
  • Radiation Control (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd serves the Healthcare sector by providing Radiation Shielding & Radiation Control Works, Products and Services.
  • Eurometalli (Far East) Pte Ltd serves and acts as Mills’ Representative and Agent for established mills
  • Advance Storage Pte Ltd provides warehousing storage solutions for all industrial and commercial needs.  

During the last decade, our group of companies has grown significantly in turnover value and hand in hand, warehouse and factory space increased many fold. The current fourth generation management of the Kuah family, has put in place practices which emphasize on improving product quality & fabrication processes, effective customer service and most importantly competitive pricing.  We are constantly keeping ourselves relevant and significant by upgrading our workforce, investing in new advance machinery and equipment, introducing a wider range of materials, products and services to suit the changing needs of our customers.    

Please refer to the Products Page for the wide range of Products & Services provided by us.

We are grateful for your support and look forward to growing and achieving with you. 


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